ZT Bella Spa

Links to all of my favorite things!

Have you been in for a service and we discussed different products to help you in your skin care, body care or lymphatic massage after care?

Here are all the links for my favorite products! I have tried these, recommended to others and think these are the most useful. ❤️



This will help strengthen the pelvic floor as well as the core.  I LOVE this product and the effects it has had on me and my body!


Colon Broom

This will help not only flush the colon and intestines but keep the colon working.



I love this blend of super lattes for mood, energy and stress. This blend has really helped me with bloating and helped me feel fuller through the day without sugar cravings.



I actually used this after my 40th birthday/bachelorette party and woke up feeling completely refreshed! I used 2 tablets after my party and went to bed, woke up feeling energetic.



This company has never made periods more easy. I love being able to free bleed without tampons or pads!


Tracy Anderson

I started using this amazing triad of pilates, barre and Zumba!


The Carpel Tunnel Solution

I have used this system to help my hands feel better and not go numb.  This solution is permanent or your money back.



I started using these inserts to help my posture during my days on my feet.  They are comfortable and easy to design specifically for your foot and arch!