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Dermaplaning                                45 Minutes                         $85

This manual exfoliation removes dead skin, small hairs and surface debris while also breaking down the edges of wrinkles and fine lines.  With these issues removed, the skin can easily absorb products and skin is prepped for chemical peels/microdermabrasion.  

Dermaplaning Add on                  15 minutes                        $40

Great add on to any facial!

Express Facial                                30 Minutes                          $75

A quick treat for those needing a pick me up before an event, (someone say a Zoom date?!), meeting, or just because you want some self care and are so on the go!  Tailored for your skin and skin goals, this treatment can be "maintenance" for those in-between moments or when an unexpected break out happens!  

The Blissful Hour Facial           60 Minutes                       $130

The title just says it all! Total bliss  while your skin is cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and pampered! Your skin will glow and look hydrated all while you relax and let stress melt off!  This facial is for every skin type because every face is uniquely beautiful. Your facial will be tailored for your skin! (extractions included!)

Deep Exfoliating Facial                  75 Minutes                     $170

Acne stands no chance after this facial....but a helpful warning that your skin will purge after this treatment!  Deeping cleansing, exfoliating, and specific treatment based on your skins needs and goals.   Cystic acne survivors suffer no more! ( I was once apart of this club and we should make jackets!)  This facial is designed to help your active acne stop by a deep exfoliation as well as a relaxing and comforting skin experience to prevent future acne as well! 

Hydration Fusion Facial                  60 Minutes                   $170

Combining a chemical peel with deep rehydration can combat dull, lifeless, and dry skin giving your complexion a bright but deeply hydrated look no matter what  kind of weather is happening.  This facial is customizable to not only deep clean but deeply hydrate, evening the skin tone and hitting the “reset” button.  Designed for wrinkles, acne-scarring, hyperpigmentation, un-even skin tone, and large pores.  

 Microdermabrasion Facial          60 Minutes                      $190

Microdermabrasion is a manual exfoliation that uses diamond tips to smooth skin and uses suction to clean off dead skin while increasing circulation. Large pores, discoloration from sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin are no match for this facial!  Smoothing pores, breaking up discoloration, and a rehydration of the skin will give you an even complexion with this service! There is no down time with this service!  Cleansing, microdermabrasion, extractions, lifting and firming massage, mask (determined for your specific skin type or need), eye treatment, moisturizer and lip treatment.  *Neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage included!

Microdermabrasion Treatment only        30 Minutes                   $100

A quick treatment as maintenance for correcting pore size, sun damage discoloration, wrinkles, and uneven skin. Cleansing, micro, hydrating mask and moisturizer.

Ultimate Facial                    90 Minutes                                      $215

Designed to help correct any number of skin conditions, this facial incorporates different treatments tailored to your needs! Sun damage, pore size, firming, creating a dewy look, evening skin tone or a deep cleanse and rehydration are all issues that can be helped in this facial! Deep cleansing, Microdermabrasion, chemical peel, lifting massage, Gua-Sha massage, pore tightening mask with a vitamin C boost, high frequency, hydrating mask, eye treatment and special depuffing massage, moisturizer, and lip treatment   *Neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage included!


30 Minute Massage                                  $75  *Female massage clients ONLY*

Needing a quick pick me up? Choose between the upper part of the body (neck, shoulders, back) or the lower part of the body (quads, calves, feet) to relieve stress and increase circulation!  These massages are also used as maintenance when getting regular massages each month or multiple massages in a month.

60 Minute Massage                                  $130  *Female massage clients ONLY*

Indulge with an hour of relaxation ranging from a light touch to a deeper pressure. The entire body will be worked on from shoulders to feet.

90 Minute Massage                                  $170  *Female massage clients ONLY*

An indulgence in relaxation! Get a full body massage but add in any areas that need extra work or just relax for an extra half hour!

120 Minute Massage                                 $215  *Female massage clients ONLY*

The Ultimate in relaxation....2 hours of uninterrupted bliss!  From the tips of the toes to your scalp, stretching and a full lymphatic release!  Specialized and customized massage!

The "I can't decide!" Massage        60 Minutes         $150  *Female massage clients ONLY*

Can't decide on what you want?  Everything look good? How about a massage completely tailored for every need!  Add some massage, Body Contouring Massage, Reiki, buccal massage (description in the reconstructive face lift massage tab), scalp massage, Reflexology, etc.  Just let me know in the notes what you are looking for!

The Extended "I can't decide!" Massage    90 Minutes   $200  *Female massage clients ONLY*

The extended version of being undecided!  


Body Contouring Massage       75 minutes    Starting at $175

  *Female massage clients ONLY*

Please refer to the link above for the detailed explanation of what this service entails!


Facial Lymphatic Drainage and Body Contouring Massage   90 minutes

Starting at $250

*Female massage clients ONLY*

Combining 2 very popular services!  Detox from head to toe! 



Scalp Massage    30 Minutes                 $60

A specialized scalp, head and neck massage stimulating hair follicles and relieving stress!  Special oils will be used to stimulate the scalp and to relax the mind and body.

Reflexology         30 Minutes                  $40

Reflexology is known as “zone therapy” that involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. This is done by using specific massage techniques and pressures with or without oil. The specific ailments of the body can be treated and improved by this service.



Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are one way to exfoliate the skins layers, lifting the skin or “blistering” the skin causing the skin to peel away. This normal regeneration reveals fresh new skin underneath.  Depending on the percentage of the chemical in the peel itself (Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, or Lactic Acid), will determine the peeling level. The higher the percentage, the more corrective it may be to several issues.



Waxing Services  (Lycon wax will be used)

Brow Styling   $30

Brows will be styled according to your specific preference.  Trimming and tweezing are also part of this service. *Tweezing can be substituted for waxing if any acne medications, sensitive skin conditions, thinning or dry skin is an issue.

Lip                         $20

Chin                      $20

Neck (under chin)  $20

Back of neck   $25

Sides of face    $30

Full face            $70

Under Arm      $35

Half Arm          $35

Full Arm           $55

Chest                    $60

Stomach            $35

Back                      $60

Bikini (sides and top)  $50 *Female clients ONLY*

Bikini Plus      $55                                 * Female clients ONLY*

 Brazilian          $65               *Female clients  ONLY*

Half Leg            $55

Full Leg             $75

Fingers               $15

Toes                       $15



Tinting Services

Vegetable-based tint used in a variety of colors

Brow Tint                                $40

Lash Tint                                 $45

Eyelash Lift                          $105

This service gently lifts the lashes away from the lids and lasts for 2 months

Eyelash Lift and Henna/Tint   $140

Brow Henna 30 minutes  $45 

Perfect for brows that need a bump of color to sharpen the shape with the staying power of henna! Meant to condition the brows, the color will last 2 weeks on the skin and 4-6 weeks conditioning the brow hair!

Brow Lamination 30 minutes $80

Pesky hairs not staying when you style them?  Are you just done trying to put them into place? Brow lamination is perfect for you!  Training each hair by giving them a treatment to become fluffier, fuller and keeping them in place all day! 

Brow Lamination and Henna/Tint                                           60 minutes  $115