ZT Bella Spa

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage    30 minutes   $50

This  massage helps de-puff, clear sinuses, and helps to increase facial circulation.  Bringing blood to the surface, also helps product absorption to make all of those amazing products actually work!  This helps under eye bags, wrinkles, and cellulite reduction in the neck area!


Facial Lymphatic and Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

90 minutes    Starting at $225

Combining 2 amazing services detoxing from head to toe!


Lymphatic Drainage Massage       75 minutes    Starting at $175

  *Female massage clients ONLY*

This  massage aids with detoxification and cellulite reduction with two different types of massage that can be combined or used separately. A technique involving a relaxing massage to help remove extra fluid from puffiness, poor circulation, lymphedema and swollen limbs. Gentle movements encourage movement of the skin and truly helps the body flush out toxins and help create a feeling of being lighter. 

The weightloss technique involves more of an aggressive movement where cellulite is crushed with fingers using rolling, pinching, and snapping.  This part of the massage is not pleasant but very effective in breaking up the cellulite to have the body naturally flush it from the system.  Both the detoxification and weightloss techniques  are used together in this massage so there is a calming benefit.  Best in a series of 6 to see lasting results!  


            Before                After 4 treatments                                  Before                        After 8 treatments



         Before                  After 1 treatment                                     Before                        After 3 treatments




Because these treatments are so in demand, I would ask that these appointments not be squeezed into the schedule (unless we have spoken) as each service is truly designed for each client!