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Ahhh . . . summer

Have you taken the time to notice the beauty surrounding you? From the greening of the trees to the the warm lilting breeze, summer blossoms right in front of us. If we hurry too much through our day, we might miss these little gems. We were walking down the road and an occasional fragrant scent would fly over and tickle our noses. Pine, honeysuckle, freshly-mown grass . . . one whiff and then it was gone. The cry of the catbird, shrill caw of the hawk, melodic buzz of the red-winged blackbird, something for every one of our five senses captured our attention. I hope you enjoy this lovely time.

Spring is almost here!

Now into March, we are emerging from our homes into what promises to be a fresh start at everything, including life! I know my skin has taken a beating this year already from dryness, lack of color, and an absence of vibrance. I have added a few extra pieces to the arsenal of the skin care world including my oxygen machine and my ultrasound machine with LED lights!  My march special is in full effect from now until April 2nd!  Purchase a facial package, giving me 3 months to deliver your gorgeous dewy fresh skin back to you by summer, and receive a complimentary massage!  

What does Oxygen therapy give your skin during facials? Strengthen the skin's elasticity and helping to diminish pores, fine lines and wrinkles while also helping to eliminate bacteria causing acne. The overall appearance of skin is plump and smooth giving you a dewy fresh glow!

What do Ultra Sound Waves do for the skin during facials?  With the use of high-level sound waves (far beyond the audible range to the human ear), this therapy stimulates cells beyond the superficial layers of skin. This jumpstarts the collagen production, reduces inflammation and promotes blood circulation.

What makes me so confident that I can achieve your perfect skin? Knowing that the products I have, the combinations that I create and giving you your own specified facial will give you the results without surgery, fillers, botox or anything invasive or downtime!  Why would you go anywhere else?  


I am so ready to give you the skin that you so long for!  See your gorgeous face soon!


What are your 2021 resolutions?

Better skincare? Reduce your stress level? Boost your immunity? Relax those tight muscles?

Now booking online!

I'm so excited!

In the middle of this pandemic, there's something to celebrate. My very own spa room at long last. Sixteen years of experience and a long list of great clients made this happen. Thank you for being part of it!

Here's to a New Year!

2021 is upon us! How will you be ringing in the new year?! If you are like me, it will be quietly, without too much noise as I sit and not touch anything....😂. I am so excited to be giving services in my new space (the old Danny Veigh building) I am currently offering microdermabrasion, chemical peels, oxygen treatments, massages, body and facial waxing, henna/tinting and brow lamination services.  How are you taking care of your skin this winter?  The treatment I would recommend this winter is.......

The Hydration Fusion Facial!!  This facial is designed to exfoliate the skin in a few different ways starting off with a manual exfoliation (microdermabrasion scrub) on dry skin with a massage to start up circulation. Once that is removed then its onto the 30% Glycolic Peel from Peach Esthetics and left on for 7-10 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. After the peel is removed, I will check the skin for any needed extractions and ice globes are applied to the skin to cool, soothe and relax after the peel.  Vitamins A, C and E with an oxygen based treatment are applied in a massage and then with an enzyme to activate these pure forms of these vitamins, the rehydration can take place to even out pore size while trapping moisture under the skin to maintain smoothness.  With a specialized mask, customized for your skin type, you relax into the treatment bed while I provide a neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage. Using serums needed for your skin, i then use high frequency to help the penetration and then finish with eye/lip treatments, moisturizer and SPF.

With this treatment, you should see a fresh glowy complexion ready for anything winter throws at you!  Call/text to make your appt!!


Can't wait to see you!

Happy New Year!




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